Embracing the Blockchain before it Completely Disrupts your Industry

It is the decentralised, cryptography-based solution that challenges the profit pool of the middle man with a promise to make centralised institutions obsolete. Blockchain technology is set to be the biggest disruptor not only in the financial world, but also a number of online and offline sectors. To date, a record-breaking $1 billion has been invested into blockchain related start-ups, with Aite Group predicting a $400 million investment by banks in the blockchain technology within the next four years. Australia is the world’s eighth-largest exchange and stands to be the global leader by adopting blockchain ahead of the world.

Australia's only Blockchain Summit presented by Digital Disruption X, is creating a platform for the leading technologists, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors, academics, and financial executives in the emerging Blockchain industry. This event will delve into the current threats, challenges, and opportunities that are associated with this disruptor and the strategies to prepare for and implement Blockchain technology.

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Key Themes will include, but not be limited to:


Building an accountable business system with Blockchain Technology


Maintaining information security while implementing operational and technical changes


Adopting innovative technologies and increasing user compatibility to improve communication systems


Reducing financial fraud through Blockchain


Discovering the possibilities and limitations of Blockchain technology


Generating processes for the effective adaptation of the Blockchain


Implementing tools and techniques to adapt to the future Blockchain market


Formulating distributed ledger solutions


Combining the world of Blockchain with the real world


Regulating the Blockchain landscape without quashing it

Make the most of this opportunity to hear from 30+ key influential leaders in the Blockchain industry, including international experts from the US, Germany, UK, Japan and China

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